Japansese Food Export

Export Japanese Food 

Let us introduce what Japanese food products we can handle to overseas. We have experiences to export several products contracting with local Japanese food agents. Please contacts us more details by e-mail.

•We propose new food to strike food lovers.

•We offer fun experience to make them your fans that repeat coming

アイコン Sake Beverages 酒類

日本酒 Fermentation has always been very important in Japanese food culture, and it has developed unique, delicate and tasty beverages across Japan. We offer various types of alcoholic beverages and equipment for your customers to enjoy Japanese beverage culture in your bars and restaurants.

アイコン Wagyu Beef 和牛

和牛 Our strength is that we can offer premium Wagyu beef from any district of Japan! 2 major options are available;1.Buy in whole body, and choose the brand, or 2.Choose the beef cuts you want. Experienced buyers will choose the best brand for you. Available in small lots from 100 kg, or less.

アイコン Ramen ラーメン

ラーメン Ramen is extremely popular among foreign visitors to Japan, and is one of the biggest reason to make them want to come again.We offer comprehensive service to help you launch Ramen business as a new choice in existing restaurants or open entire new restaurants, with noodles, pouched soup, condiments, topping, pans and cooking tools, and ramen bowls.

アイコン 和菓子


Customer Experience: Being often served with tea with seasonal flavor and beautiful decoration, traditional Japanese confections offer special experience to your customers.

Healthy:Being made of mochistickyrice cake), Anko(azuki bean paste), Japanese sweets are healthier with less calorie than western sweets.

アイコン MatchaGreen Tea 日本茶

日本茶 Matchais not only for drinking, nor difficult to try.You can make ice cream, cookies, cakes, and cappuccino.You can serve tea sets in small trays for table tea ceremony. Or serve it thin liquid and have your customers to pour onto cake or ice cream.That will give a special experience to your customers in your tea room, cafe, and restaurants. 

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